Donate Goods

“What can I do with excess medical supplies?”

We hear this question often. While it is difficult to say no to such a generous gesture, there are many items that Grace Clinic is unable to accept as a donation. Some items may not be needed for the types of services we provide. In some cases, it may actually cost the clinic to dispose of the items. Our policy has changed over the years, so we appreciate your understanding as we adapt to current realities.

Here are a few recommendations for various types of supplies. Thank you for your concern for the uninsured and under-served in our community.

Grace Clinic accepts medication donations on a very limited basis. The medications must fit within our scope of practice. They must also be sealed and unexpired. Please contact the clinic for more details.

Most facilities do not accept medication donations. The police departments as well as other locations throughout the area provide a safe, convenient means for you to dispose of prescription drugs. Click here to learn more or contact your local police department.

Kennewick Police Department – 211 W. 6th Ave., 509-585-4208

Pasco Police Department – 545 N. 3rd Ave., 509-545-3481

Richland Police Department – 871 George Washington Way, 509-942-7340

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs. This occurs twice each year on the last Saturday of April and October. Click here for more information.

Please also consider contacting MedProject. They offer a convenient mail service for medication disposal including inhalers.

Grace Clinic offers DisposeRx, which is a powder packet that is used to render medications “irretrievable.” Once the medications are in this state, they can be placed in the garbage. Please call the Clinic for details or stop by to pick up some of the packets.

At various times throughout the year, Grace Clinic will accept donations of lancets and diabetic syringes. Our ability to accept these items is dependent on the very limited storage space at the Clinic.

For proper disposal of needles of any kind, please contact your local waste disposal company.

Basin Disposal: (509) 547-2476

Waste Management (Kennewick): (509) 582-5121

City of Richland: (509) 942-7490

A common practice is to place needles in a plastic bottle with a cap (soda pop, water bottle, etc.). That bottle with the cap on can then be placed in the garbage. Please confirm with your local waste management company.

Grace Clinic accepts donations of new hygiene items such as shampoo, body wash and toothpaste.

Our patients generally do not need adult diapers and other continence supplies. Please contact Heartlinks Hospice as a donation option.

As a fun, furry option for underpads (also known as chucks), pet rescue programs like Pet Overpopulation and Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue are always in need of these.

Most agencies will not accept donations of partially used shampoos, sprays and lotions. These items can be placed in the garbage.

Most agencies do not accept donations of orthopedic equipment like braces, walking boots and braces. You may contact Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul to ask about their donation policies for orthopedics.

Grace Clinic does not accept donations of these items because we do not provide these types of services. KC Help is an equipment lending program that is run by the Knights of Columbus. Please contact KC Help to learn more.

Grace Clinic does not accept supplies and equipment related to the treatment of serious illnesses (such as cancer) and end of life care. We do not provide these types of services, so these items are generally not needed by our patients.

We recommend sorting through the items and grouping them into categories. Once you have them sorted, refer to the links we have provided above for donation or disposal.

You may consider contacting Gateway Medical Alliance in Kent, WA to donate the items. Gateway is a nonprofit organization that shares healthcare resources worldwide. They have shipped supplies to at least 15 different countries. You may be able to mail packages to them or, if you are in the Kent area, drop them off during warehouse hours. Click here to learn more about Gateway Medical Alliance.

We know how difficult it can be to just throw these items away, especially after faithfully caring for your loved one. Fortunately, most people who are facing serious health concerns or end of life will receive what they need directly from their medical providers. We do appreciate your generosity and compassion.

At various times throughout the year, Grace Clinic will accept donations of gauze pads. Our ability to accept these items is dependent on the very limited storage space at the Clinic.

As an alternative, the Tri-Cities Union Gospel Mission offers nurse care management to participants in their program. At times, they may also be able to accept donations of wound care supplies.